Sportbibeln is our sports brand that started in 2016. Our unique mix of news, nostalgia and humor has led to us becoming Sweden’s biggest sports publisher on social media. Armed with passion and dedication, our team of writers and editors create engaging sport news for lovers of all kinds of sports. Our team has one goal: to give sports fans news that they care about. 

We care as much about who wins the Champions League as paying tribute to Tomas Brolin, 30 years after the World Cup in 1994 – we know what sport fans want because we are exactly the same. 

Our head editorial office is located in Stockholm, but we also have offices in Norway and Finland. Sportbilen’s primary target group is men of all ages interested in sports and sports nostalgia. 

Unique visitors per week: 300 000

Followers on social media: 220 000

Unique visitors per week: 70 000

Followers on social media: 60 00

Unique visitors per week: 100
Followers on social media: 40 000

The Hockey Beast
Unique visitors per week: 150 000
Followers on social media: 40 000

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