If you like to laugh, then Humorbibeln is the place to be. Our humor brand gathers the best content to give our readers a good giggle. Since 2015 we have worked on spreading joy and laughter across the world. Whether it’s with hilarious videos, podcasts or articles – our content always strives to be amusing and engaging.

Humorbibeln is produced in Swedish, English, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish, with our head office located in Stockholm.

Humorbibeln’s largest target group is both women and men. The audience is largely mature with high spending habits. 

Followers on social media: 230 000
Unique visitors per week: 160 000

The Laugh Club
Unique visitors per week: 250 

Followers on social media: 1 100 000

Unique visitors per week: 70 000
Followers on social media: 55 000

Unique visitors per week: 110 000

Followers on social media: 130 000

Hyvät naurut
Unique visitors per week: 80 000
Followers on social media: 130 000

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