By creating engaging articles, sharable videos, and podcasts, Newsner has become one of the world’s largest social media networks. With over 30 million followers in 11 markets, an average of 100 million people see us in their feeds every week. Newsner boasts several major platforms in different languages and markets across the globe! 

Our huge spectrum of channels gives us the possibility to reach several target age groups, different interests, and different parts of the world. 

At Newsner, we’re constantly striving to improve our content and distribution to help develop our products. This is what allows us to highlight our customers in new and creative ways on our different channels, platforms, and markets. We aim to have successful collaborations and campaigns that provide solid results for all parties involved.

Our brands

Newsner is one of the biggest publishers on Facebook. We report news across 11 different markets, with an emphasis on the Nordics and the US.

Nöjeslivet is our entertainment news brand. Here we cover everything from local celebrities and tv-shows to the Royal Family and music.

Sportbibeln is Sweden’s biggest sports publisher on social media. Our editors create engaging sport news for lovers of all kinds of sports.

Matbibeln is dedicated to bringing you the latest trends in food. We cover everything from health and cleaning hacks to gardening tips.

We Love Animals is a modern news brand for animal lovers of all kind. We’re great at shining a spotlight on heartwarming animal stories.

Humorbibeln gathers the best content to give our readers a good giggle, whether it’s with hilarious videos, pictures or articles.

A calculation example

FormatTypePlacementCTR (average)CPM (euro)
320 x 320StandardMobile0,3520
980 x 240PanoramaDesktop0,4022
160 x 600StickyDesktop0,3517
MidscrollHigh impactDesktop/Mobile1,0640
NativeArticleDesktop/Mobile 0,15 euro/reader
Video, Matbibeln3 VideosDesktop/MobileTotally 200 ViewsTot 8500 euro

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