3 May

Newsner increased profitability by 23 percent 2020

2020 marked a challenging year for publishers worldwide as advertising investments dropped across the board. Despite the circumstances Newsner had a extraordinary profitable year.

– We are really proud of being able to keep growing even when the going gets tough, says Christian Ström, publisher, Newsner.

Last year Newsner increased its profitability by 23 percent compared with 2019.

– It’s amazing and the result of the hard work from our gobal teams of editors. A lot comes down to an increase in traffic and a growing, loyal reader base. But we have also worked hard to diverse our offer, which made all the difference for the bottom line, says Christian Ström.

During 2020 Newsner launched two new podcast and had a hit with a best-selling board game based on their award-winning humor show, “You laugh, You Lose”.

– The media landscape is ever changing, and we have to keep changing to keep up. This year we are increasing our team of video editors by 100 % to meet the increased demand and we are to release a new board game in the summer. Our goal is of course to make 2021 even more successful than last year, says, Christian Ström.

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